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how to be a stripper

We thought you girls would find it useful if we answered some of the most common question we get asked on how to become a stripper,

so here we go:

I am still having trouble of keep the conversation going with customers.  To me, I always tend to ask them “wanna dance?” early than it is supposed to be.In turn, customers tend to answer with “maybe later”–it sucks! cause other dancers will get in between then.  I guess I don’t know what else to say, besides things like “what u do for fun? what u do for work? oh, you look great! and I like your shirt! topics like these?
Any suggestions of some persuasive conversation? Your advice is always informative and helpful!

How can you still say to them wanna dance? that sould be the last thing you ever say to a guy…and why not get him to talk? Like about a topic he is interested in….you MUST become good at conversation, you must spend a week just learning conversation

Watch friends and see what they talk about…learn a joke, have something from life that is interesting to say…find anything, but I find the best conversationalists are the ones who listen and by tht I do not mean say noting but pick up on what interests them then you will be able to ask them more about what they are interested in.

People love talking about themselves and you have to make it easy and fun for them to do, watch programmes where they do this and Friends does this well. Also have you seen friends wth benefits? that is a great film where mia kunis is really good at talking to the guy.

Watch and learn, I also watch sex and the city and learn how to talk about witty things. I watch them over and over to learn how to converse,  You must do the same Are you ready to learn….it does take effort. Learn by watching people who get others to converse it is a skill you can learn.

I dont want a dance but you can give me your phone number so we can meet later


Firstly you must see it as a bit of fun…you cannot get annoyed with them because it will ruin your mood and effect the way you talk to your next customer…so it is a bit of a mind game so just play it and say something funny like I am gay, you couldn’t afford it.

Once I have gotten a dance I can usually get another but have lots of trouble getting them to have more than two or upgrade to the private booths or champagne rooms…I think my biggest problem is that I look as young as I am, and I am only 20 so the men that come into my club don’t take me as seriously as I would like.


Ok if you think you look younger then make your selfact and dress a little older, but I think themain reasons you may not be getting more dances or VIP is becauseyou are ot connecting with the customer.

If they are getting a second dance then they obviously find you attractive but they are not connecting or finding talking
and being with you addictive this is what you need to do.You need to make them fall for you by flirting with them and making them fall for you.

You do this by finding what you and the customer have in common ( and I have made these up by learning about skiing,
golf,dining out…I am not really into it but I can have a great conversation and make it seem like we have a lot in common) and making the conversation fun and exciting.You mst always tease him and make yourself mysteriously fun.

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  1. kc on August 5th, 2012 11:18 am

    I’m worried I don’t have what it takes to be a stripper. Not physically, I know I can dance and flirt and do things like that to make money.
    Furthermore, how do I maintain a normal life. Meaning, how can I strip and not let it overtake my personality. I don’t want to feel objectified or anything like that. I want to do it for the money. What is your advice?

  2. Taylor on November 15th, 2015 6:52 pm

    I’ve been wanting to become a dancer for awhile now but had a set back when a club told me I was too fat. I weight 180, but I’m very well proportioned with double D’s. What tips do you have for a plus size girl? I’m always so worried about how fat I look it’s hard to feel sexy sometimes.

  3. Chevy on June 7th, 2016 1:17 am

    Hi there! Any tips for thicker girls? I’m 5′5 160lbs but am thick and big in the right areas. Got a little tummy (working on it) but I’d love to be a dancer. I dance for all my guys and they love my style. If I audition and don’t make it could I do cocktail? Would that be a good idea?

  4. Paige89 on October 26th, 2016 7:16 am

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