STRIPPER TIPS | Stripper Faq

Stripper Faq

This page is dedicated to stripper Faq (frequently asked questions) that we get commonly asked.
We have laid them out in a question and answer type form.

Stripper Faq – Question 1: Is it safe working in a strip club and what am I expected to do?

Answer: Many of us here have been stripping in clubs for over 5 years. Always follow the safety tips given on this  website (look at safety tips page).  Never do anything that you are not comfortable with. As with any other place be cautious and keep your wits about you.  If you work for a decent club they will have good boucers and management.  Try not to drink too much alcohol so you are aware at all times.

Generally in most clubs you will be expected to give lapdances, dance naked on stage and entertain guests. No body should ever pressure you into doing anything more than this.

 Stripper Faq - Question 2: How much money can I make stripping?

Answer: This questions depends on how you work, the type of club and the area you work in etc. 
As a beginner you may start earning $50 – $100 per night. With some experience you can quickly move upto $100 -$200 per night. We ourselves average around $500 per night. That is not to stay we earn that everynight, some nights you may not earn anything and other nights you may kick ass, but your income always averages out over a month or so.  The amount of time and effort you put into learning your skills will effect your income. Follow the advice on this website and learn from the best.

Stripper Faq – Question 3: Am I too old / too young to start stripping?

Answer: We’ve worked with mothers who are 40 years old and look great.  You have to check the minimum age to start stripping in your area but I wouldn’t recommend anyone stripping under 18 years of age.  Do your research well and decide if stripping is for you and then follow the tips given in this website.

Stripper Faq - Question 3: Am I good looking enough to strip?

Answer: There is a myth that you have to be drop dead gorgeous and have model looks.  This just isnt true. All clubs need a variety of different looks. Whats most important is that you keep in shape.  We have seen a lot of great looking girls go home at the end of the night with little money and we’ve seen not the best looking girls earns loads of money.

Question: Should I tell my boyfriend / family I am stripping?

Answer: This is a personal choice and can only be made by you. Stripping can be very empowering and financially rewarding and you have nothing to be ashamed of.  A lot of strippers we know are in great long term relationships with boyfriends who support them whilst others prefer to keep it too themselves.