How to Become a Stripper – The Audition – Trinity’s Experience

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Stripper auditions

Stripper auditions

If you are thinking of how to become a stripper, then this new series of Trinity’s is great as you can see how a real life “normal” girl goes from non stripper to stripper. She is new and tells it like it is. You can Read about Trinity from the beginning at Trinit’s how to become a stripper.

Trinity was kind enough to tell us here audition process and her first dance on stage…This is one of the scariest times, is you are not a dancer and an “ordinary girls like us. So here is what Trinity wrote -

My audition was nerve-wracking. I had never been on stage before and there were quite a few people there for a Tuesday. My boss told me to go ahead and watch some of the girls and what I could and could not do; nipple tweaking, touching the labia ect. He also asked for y name- which was taken!!! That threw me off too because the girl already named Trinity is the QUEEN of pole tricks.

I didn’t know the first thing about dancing and here I was, surrounded by 8 beautiful girls that were all graceful and beautiful…and were about to watch me make a fool of myself. I didn’t get to quietly audition during closed hours. Nope, I got to audition during a normal rotation while our boss ANNOUNCED that I was a complete noob. I tried to be pretend to be super confident though.

To be honest, I don’t remember much of the actual dance itself. Kinda like when you get drunk and can only vaguely remember what happened. I was more nervous AFTER my dance than before though- did I do well?? Was I hired?? Would the other girls like me???

I was offered the job and worked the first night. I wasn’t NEARLY as nervous after they told me I was hired to dance. The audition is the toughest part I think. Just remember to smile, be yourself and be confident. Even if you have to fake it.


Thanks Trinity…she will answer your questions if you have any. Trinity You Rock girl!

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