STRIPPER TIPS | How To Become A Stripper | Real Life Story By Mercedez

How To Become A Stripper | Real Life Story By Mercedez

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real_life_storiesOk ladies listen up!

I have been dancing since i was 18 and im 22 now i have danced in several clubs state wide and i have seen every type of customer there is as well as worked with every type of girl there is so I know a lot of tips about how to become a stripper successfully.

For those of you with stretch marks or are a little chunky or your teeth are crooked dont worry about it im serious even though your self concious about it be confident on the outside hold your head high have pride in yourself (dont be bitchy or stuck up) but have pride be proud of who you are and what you do for a living be outgoing sociable fun outgoing and the customers wont even notice i have girls that worked in the club i work at now who weigh 200 lbs and they always made money it wasnt thier size or their teeth or their skin texture it was their personality that sold the dances and made the tips and sold the vips and champange rooms. i recently got in a car wreck and although they are not completely gone my two front teeth got broken in half and i was nervous and scared to even show my face at my mailbox much less a club but i sucked it up did it and i still make just as much as i used to before my accident if not more.(sympathy tips lol) but im telling you dont worry about what outfit hides this the best or what hides my teeth more this lipstick or this lip gloss dont stress it as long as you have that confident proud outgoing fun loving spontaneous personality your garunteed to make money.

I have seen girls sit there all night not talk to anyone cause they are self concious then they complain cause they dont make money well sugar its not just gonna hand itsself to you you have to work for it. like most strip clubs the girls can be cliquey some are quite some are loud and obnoxious some drink alot alot alot some dont drink at all and others (sorry ladies) are straight up bitches dont be like them be you if you want start your own clique but dont get wrapped up in the drama NO ONE and i mean NO ONE likes drama.

As for outfits wear what your comfortable in wear what you like and what makes you feel sexy and seductive wear that sexy new dress and heels that you just bought or maybe a skirt and top that youve had forever! and you can alter to make more provocative (ladies you know the outfit im talkin about ya know that one that everytime you put on you feel like a diva and you always smile and flirt cause its that special outfit that puts that bounce in your step?) yep! that one! wear what makes you comfy but yet make it sexy a bikini is nice yes but want to dress up the bikini and heels look? try buying a long wrap to wear as a floor length skirt over the bottoms and leave the split in front or on one of your legs straighten your hair and crimp little sections to give yourself that tropical cutie look. or go for the miami look a short form fitting dress and regular street heels (heels that oyu can wear outside the club) and matching garter make it look like you just left a dance club and came to work. most girls love the red but most dont look good in the red lipstick so heres a trick take the red lipstick and pat it on your lips to give it the pink look and then keep going top and bottom three more times each and then apply gloss dont rub it on like normal pat it and once you get the gloss on you have the red look without the french whore appeal…

Ladies i say this with the deepest concern for all of you aspiring or veteran dancers.. please please please dont buy heels that you always seem to have issues with ya know the ones that are taller than the middle of your shin? and aspiring dancers i recommend getting heels that are either street heels or what the veteran dancers call trianer heels youll know them when you see them they have a very short heel and very short platform but look equally as sexy dont think cause everyone else has the mile high heels that you have to have them dont need to break an ankle ive seen so many new girls do that and end up hospitalized from falling off stage breaking bones or twisting or breaking their ankle and its just not pretty plus not all customers think its sexy.

As for those of you who are scared of your family not approving of you being an entertainer heres how i broke the news to mine and maybe itll give you some ideas..granted my mom used to dance back in her prime she was so against me getting on a pole she forbid me to ever become an entertainer so i did it anyway and i kept it secret and when i first started dancing i had several bills to pay (which my parents were paying for ) but when i made money and they started noticing my bills were already being paid that they wernt spending the money to pay them they asked me what was going on and i told them, yes they were pissed but i pointed out the fact that at least i was making money and becoming more independant and paying my own bills and not relying on them so much for the things i wanted or neededand they gradually started to accept the fact that that was the job i chose and that i was happy. no matter how made your parents get in reality all they want to do is see their little girl happy and supporting herself and trying to make it through life on her own two feet.

As for hairstyles i see alot of girls just straighten their hair and go while as sexy as straight hair may be mix it up instead of straightening it and leaving it crimp a few pieces here and there or braid a few small strands in random places instead of curling your hair all the way up try just curling the ends to about midway to give your ends body and bounce instead of the girl next door ponytail use a clip put half up half down and pull a few pieces out in front some girls like the (ghetto) look the one where you put your hair in a pony tail flip it up and tie it up in another scrunchie and slick it back with hair gel and pull the baby hair out on their face while cute as that may look from my experience majority of customers like thair down gives them something to play with and shows a bit of class. or even wash your hair let it air dry brush it it out and let your hair have its natural body show now if your the type with the hair that frizzes like no tomorrow while your hair is still damp there is a serum called biolage its like frizz ezz but it doesnt have all that oil in it so it doesnt make your hair look greasy or dirty and it adds natural shine and gets rid of the frizz just as well…

Some girls dont wash their hair but every other day take some baby powder just a little bit rub it in your palms and run your hands through your hair starting at the roots and going to the end then brush it out have someone check your hair to make sure there isnt huge globs or sections of it in your hair (no baby powder does not show up in black lights). for those of you who dont really like your nails professionally done or just dont have the money a simple nail clip and polish looks just as attractiveor even if you take really good care of your nails and toes the nautral look looks good as well… as for makeup i usually go with a dark midnight blue eyeshadow and of course black eyeliner and black mascara it makes they eyes look deep mysterious sexy seductive erotic (not all girls can pull this off so test the look at home before work ) and i usually just use a lightly tinted pink gloss to give my lips the fresh plump sexy look i also try to cordinate my makeup with my outfits for example: if i wore a red top black thong or bootyshorts id wear black and red eyeshadow and red lipstick if i wore a white and turquoise blue dress id wuld wear turquoise blue eyeshadow black mascara and black eyeliner with tinted gloss if i wore black and white i wuld wear white eyeshadow and gloss…

As everyone knows accessories are a girls best friend try not to over do it if your the girl who does alot of pole tricks feel free to wear necklaces just not the really long ones as they will fly everywhere and slip over your head if your upside down on the pole rings are not recommended for those who do pole tricks as the pole will no matter what you do bend and disfigure your rings making them tight and almost impossible to get off your fingers and they will pinch like crazy for those who do more stage work like on your knees or back rings are the thing for you earrings go for it if your the flashy sparkly kinda gal diamond it up girlie! if your the rocker tattoo piercing kinda gal try not to do anything crazy like spikey piercings (it tends to scare away the customers)…

As for the tall girls dont worry dont think of it as your too tall think of it as you have long sexy legs and alot of guys love the long sexy legs… as for the rest of you aspiring entertainers i say go for it whats the worst that could happen?

Oh for the ones who were inquiring about “that time of month” or as the veterans call it “dancers nightmare week” cutting the string on the tampon is a good suggestion but if your anything like me and cant wear tampons or pads use toilet paper when you go to change down there take some toilet paper ball it up as much as you think you can handle putting up there (the more the better) and push it up like you would a tampon you will feel slight discomfort(nothing too extreme i promise) but once its in it feels like a tampon you cant feel it the good thing about this method is no string it lasts 2-4 hrs longer than a tampon its alot safer than a tampon so you dont have to worry about tss you can flush it (obviously cause its toilet paper) no odor if your someone who has that issue during your monthly and the way to get it out is just push like oyur givin birth just push and itll come out if your scared its stuck up there you can always use your fingers but as gross as it sounds thats what soap and water and hand sanitizer is for your hands can always be washed and the blood will go away but if you leak on stage the embarrassment and the teasing wont.

A major big huge tip i will give you girls is as pretty as it looks NO GLITTER! customers dont like glitter most are married and they come to us for relaxation and entertaiment they dont want to go home to their wife and end up gettin busted with a ton of glitter all over them. but for the most part have fun be safe be confident use your talents and make the money.. but most of all be proud of who you are or who you want to be what we do is a job like any other only we are half naked if not full nude and not on payroll but its a job ladies be proud of it dont let anyone tell you any different your all beautiful and i believe in you all you can do it. if you have any other questions about more specific topics feel free to ask anytime

good luck!

A Very Big Thank You To Mercedez For This Post

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  1. Marceline on November 25th, 2011 11:01 pm

    Do you have to but your outfits? Or does the club provide the outfits?

  2. Linda on December 30th, 2011 3:11 pm

    Thanks for all the tips, I can use whatever help I can get. I’m 54 and look 35 according to others. I know I don’t look 54 to my picky ass self. I’m working on my weight. I was a stripper when I was 40 so it’s not all new to me, I know the muscles I need to be able to use.
    My question is: Do you think I’m too old to go back. I know this is my last shot at it, and I want to take it, but not at the risk of spending money and then not being able to overcome my age. I could send you a picture if that would help, one naked and one made up. I’m a little afraid that this dream of mine is gonna look pathetic.
    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

  3. Daisy on July 23rd, 2012 1:25 pm

    OMG I love this post ! Thanks so much this just lifted my spirits. I have been dancing for about 3 years and I have always been sort of worried about my height all the time because i am 6ft tall and with my shoes im like 6.5 so I get worried…but this made me feel better..


  4. Martina on October 25th, 2012 2:09 pm

    Thanks Mercedez for sharing your valuable advice! Not everyone takes the time to do this, and you are helping a lot of people.

  5. Star Fyre on December 3rd, 2012 4:21 am

    Thanks! This was sooooo encouraging! I have it bookmarked!

  6. Mohamed on November 24th, 2015 2:24 pm

    No body snarking, but whoa, is that ralely unflattering or what? Because going through the Cami thread on GOMI, I would have never guessed that her bust was large enough to cause fit issues like that. And her shoulders look ralely broad, which was probably not her intent. And the hem length makes her legs look bigger, and that also probably wasn’t her intent. And those glasses are horrible.Actually, her intent was probably OMG vintage shiny dress with a stripe that sets off my fake hair, must cram self into it. And I just noticed that purse! Holy wow, are those proportions bad. And I can’t believe I’m saying that about a purse. I love the grid print and she is RUINING IT.

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