STRIPPER TIPS | Stripper Tips Private Dances by Trinity

Stripper Tips Private Dances by Trinity

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Here is the long awaited Private dances by Trinity -

stripper tips lapdances

stripper tips lapdances

Trinity started her journey here on strippertipsblog and has gone from stregnth to stregnth, so any of you feeling nervous about getting started and how to become a stripper, Trinity is the real deal who went from start and is now working and getting her dreams

So over to You Trinity -

Private dances depend on what club you work at. Some allow nudity, some more risque ventures and some, like mine, have no nudity and no touching. Period the end.

We also have some structured rules; one foot on the floor at all times, 3-second crotch to body touch time ect. Always follow your clubs rules. Always.

Now private dances can be awkward and downright frustrating! Try not to go overboard on appearing ’seductive’ or ’sexy’. Just be yourself. Talk to the customer a little and if he opens up so much the better!!! Much of what a private dance consists of is hard to visualize from what I write. We have a wall surrounding our dance area so we can put our knees and hands up against it while we dance.

We use alot of what we do on stage in a private dance as well. Thigh rotations, butt shaking, hip rotations ect. If we’re feeling extra generous we mix up the routine a little lol. Just remember to breathe! Its ok if he doesn’t look thrilled or even if he doesn’t like you at all, you’ll get better!!

Watch what some of the other girls do as well. One of my favorite moves is to get my nose in the crook of their neck, not enough to touch but enough so their feel my breath on their neck, and run my hand across their chest. Shivers almost 100% guaranteed.

Great! So if you need any more tips just ask below

Mia xx

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  1. Lacey on December 30th, 2011 9:28 pm

    This whole blog is helping me out a lot. I’ve already been hired, but because of some personal issues I’m waiting a little bit to take the job. I’ve read all the tips and am taking pole dancing classes, but lap and private dances are what confuse me. I guess I’m just not sure how close you are supposed to get to the customer. I understand personal preference and everything, but typically are youi supposed to be on their lap or just close to it? and how much if any touching is (usually) allowed, hands included? Thanks everything has been very helpful :)

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